Councilwoman Nancy Macenko

By Glendale standards, Iím quite new to the Village. I moved here in 2010, shortly after I retired from a corporate marketing and communications career, spent largely on the East Coast.

I grew up in Western Hamilton County, and am a product of the public schools including Wm. Henry Harrison High School and Miami University. I pursued graduate studies at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and at the University of Cincinnati, specializing in organizational communications.

I live on Brandywine Drive in the Glendale Condominiums community, where I served on the Homeowners Association board for about six years. I was president of Glendale Heritage Preservation for three years, and continue as a trustee of that organization. I was a member of the Mayorís Committee for the Quiet Zone, heading up communications. I continue to represent Council as a Committee Liaison with both groups. I am also a member of the Glendale Lyceum and St. Gabrielís Church.

I am honored to serve on Council and to head the Committee for Public Buildings and Historic Preservation. Contact me at