Glendale Mayor
Donald A. Lofty
On January 4, 2016, I joined the long line of Glendale citizens, dating to 1855, who stepped forward to serve our community as Mayor. I promise to do my best to maintain the high standards of public service they set. My wife Mary and I lived in Glendale and raised our children here from 1982 until 1993, when a job transfer took us to Racine, Wisconsin. When I retired in 2012, we knew there was no place else we would rather be. We returned to the Village, where I served as Solicitor until being elected Mayor.

We have not regretted our decision to return to Glendale for a minute. The sense of community is everywhere, from the beautifully improved Washington Park, to the homey feel of the Village Square, from the long-time residents on East Sharon, Chester Roads and the Historic District, to our newer residents along the northern parts of the village.

Together we all bring a special character to this village that is unique and memorable. When you add those attributes to our perennial rating as a “Tree City,” our many beautiful public parks and gardens, and the wide Green Belt that borders us on the south, you have a truly idyllic environment! I look forward to working with our neighbors from everywhere in the Village to continue to build on the legacy of my predecessors and to make Glendale even better than it is now.

Don Lofty

Office: (513) 771-7200
Cell:    (262) 930-4215

The folks at ICRC, our local access cable station, asked me to sit for an interview as a new Mayor in the area. Below is a link to the interview, which I thought that Glendale residents might find to be a good way to get to know me a little better.

Don Lofty

ICRC Community Report