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The Utility Department operates our Water and Wastewater Treatment facilities (3 employees). Residents are asked to call the Village Office (771-7200) for all their service and utility needs and we will promptly dispatch the appropriate employee and equipment to investigate whether your problem is within the public or private portion of the distribution or collection system. Please call whenever you have a change in utility billing information or need disconnection or reconnection services. Should you have a service or utility emergency after hours, contact the Glendale Police (911 or 771-7645) and they will dispatch the appropriate employee from their cruiser.

Utility Department; Kevin Bell, Chief Utility Operator
Glendale provides both water and sewage to all residents and businesses within our corporate limits. New residents must apply to the Village Office (771-7200) for a utility account upon moving into the Village, thus allowing for a timely meter read transition from the former account to the new account. Water meters (some are in your home’s basement, but most are in a meter pit in your front yard) are read every quarter and utility bills are mailed to your home. The minimum quarterly utility bill is apx. $183, which provides for 1,000 cubic feet or less of metered water and related sewage fees. While a single person often receives the minimum bill, it is more likely that a family of 3 or 4 would receive a bill in the neighborhood of $420 per quarter, based upon 3000 cubic feet of consumption. Our water and sewage departments are operated as self-sustaining non-profit “enterprises.” All fees collected are returned to the utility department’s operating budget an can only be spent on water and sewer needs. If your utility bill appears excessive, please call the Village Office (771-7200) and we will evaluate and inspect your plumbing system for leaks at no charge.

About our water… Our .450 MGD water plant is located on Sharon Avenue, has been in operation since 1912 and is served by deep wells supplied by the Miami Valley Aquifer. It is pumped from an aquifer some 200’ below the ground and is very pure, albeit somewhat hard as it contains many minerals. Once pumped, the water is mixed with lime in a series of tanks and filters. As the lime attaches itself to the hard minerals it becomes heavy and sinks to the bottom of the tanks (it is then drained off as waste), thus allowing the pure and softer surface water to be used for delivery to our water tower and your home. While the raw water is approximately 550ppm (parts per million) of hardness, the final product delivered to you ranges between 130 and 150ppm hardness; a most acceptable quality. Because this water drawn from the underground aquifer, you will notice a different taste when comparing it to Cincinnati’s water (surface water; the Ohio River). We recently remodeled our water plant to current EPA standards.

About our Sewage Treatment… Our .750 MGD sewage treatment system was installed (at 528 E. Sharon) in the late 20’s and was extensively updated in 1987. It was again rebuilt and brought to modern specifications in 2009 as mandated by the Ohio EPA. Prior to a municipal sewage collection and treatment system, each home in Glendale had a septic holding and leach system on their private properties. Each home in Glendale is now connected to the sewer system via a pipe (you own and maintain) that runs from your house to the sewer main (we own and maintain) that is most commonly found underground each street. Each water bill includes a fee for sewage. All residents are required to pay sewage if their home is connected to the sewer system….even if, from time to time, they do not use the sewage system (such as filling a pool or watering plants and lawns). Should you ever experience sewage problems (smells in the house, a slow running sewer line from your house to the street), call the Village Office (771-7200) prior to calling a plumber and we will inspect your sewage system and problem to determine responsibility.

Infiltration and Inflow elimination efforts underway… Village staff are initiating investigations to eliminate storm water entering the wastewater system. Residents are encouraged to inspect downspouts for proper discharge into the storm water system.

Service Department; Tom Alderfer, Street Foreman The Glendale Service Department (5 employees) is the heart to most of the services we provide you. The divisions and services they perform are listed below. As with utilities, please call the Village Office (771-7200) during working hours and we will respond to your need for service. Should you have a service emergency after hours, contact the Glendale Police Department at 771-7645 and they will dispatch the appropriate employee from their cruiser.

Curbside Garbage Collection and Recycling is provided at not cost to you.

Here are a few rules to insure uninterrupted collection on your garbage day;
(1) Make sure the cans never weigh more than 70lbs each unless you have rented a container from our vendor that is designed collection using their automated lift. (2) Never put hypodermic needles (sharps), caustic chemicals, acids, combustibles or other dangerous items in your garbage cans (the whole can will be rejected) (3) Never use your recycling container for regular garbage. This will cause your recycling container to be removed.

Garbage or Trash Collection: Garbage is considered that which was generated by your household placed in your plastic or metal garbage cans and containing predominately table scraps, household waste and discarded food containers. Trash is considered “all other items” that are not classified as garbage and which mostly consists of discarded furniture, small appliances, boxed or containerized household items, white goods, and other discarded household items that may or may not fit in your trash container. All items to be disposed of are to be placed at the curb and it is collected on the same day as your recycling.

Trash Pick-Up Schedule


Visit our Recycling Page

Special Trash and Debris Removal Services

From time to time you may wish to dispose of large quantities of loose trash.  These items may include debris (not from a professional contractor) from a construction project, the cleaning of your attic, garage or basement or cut up tree sections that are too big to put out on the curb.  To address this need, we have developed a "Rent-a-Truck" program.  For our disposal costs, we will drop off a 2-ton truck and park (and lock) it in a location that you choose.  You  may fill it with anything (except hazardous material) to the top of the bed sides and we will remove it the next day and dispose of the material at an authorized landfill in Cincinnati.  The fee (our cost) for this service is $125 per truck per trip.  Please call the Village Office (513-771-7200) well in advance to reserve and pre-pay for this service as it is very popular with the residents.

Leaf and Branch Collection Services

Leaves, when raked to the curb and not mixed with other yard waste, are vacuumed each spring (the first 2 weeks of April) and in the Fall (from October 15 to December 15).  We compost the leaves at the Washington Park Compost facility and will recycle the composted material back to residents upon request.  Make a point of checking our monthly newsletters or calendar of events as we will remind you of this seasonal service.

Branches, when placed at the curb, stacked neatly and not contaminated with other yard waste, are chipped and removed by our crews beginning April 1st through December 1st of each year. NOTE: Branches will not be collected during the leaf season.  Be sure not to exceed 6" in diameter, to stack them in a row (untangled) and to never put out branches that may have nails or root systems (with dirt) as serious damage could occur to our expensive chipping equipment.  The Village of Glendale does not collect logs or branches in excess of 6” in diameter. If you cut a tree down or contract to have a tree cut down, make plans in advance to dispose of your large logs.   As always, we ask that you not place leaves or branches out at the curb when our collection is not in season.

Snow and Ice Removal

The Village provides comprehensive ice and snow removal of all primary and interior streets.  During a significant snow, we will clear the major and primary streets first, followed by the smaller interior streets.  You will notice that Glendale will concentrate on plowing while sparingly applying street salt, as salt causes significant damage to our famous and mature street trees and shortens the life of our street pavement.  In any event, the streets will always remain clear and safe for responsible drivers in the winter.  As a Glendale tradition, we will plow a great portion of Glendale sidewalks to maintain a reasonable walking route throughout the Village.  Please remember to check your sidewalks to keep them clear at all times, as ultimately the sidewalks in front of your home are your responsibility.

Town Hall Rental

The Village's Town Hall, built in 1876, is located at 80 E. Sharon Avenue.  While it houses the Council Chambers and the Glendale Fire Department, it also provides a magnificent vaulted ceiling auditorium hall that is offered to residents (only) at a greatly reduced price when compared to private halls.  The Hall is rented for $295 per day/night and requires a $100 security deposit to insure that it is left in satisfactory condition (clean and undamaged).  With a capacity of 300 persons and a quaint kitchen and stage, most residents have found our hall very appropriate for family reunions, dances, receptions and more....for example, each year the Glendale Heritage Preservation (GHP) rents the hall for it's annual fund raiser "The Glendale Pancake Breakfast".  Please call the Village Office (513-771-7200) for more information, a tour or to make reservations of the Town Hall.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Dedication - November 6, 2010

On Saturday a dedication ceremony of the new $6M Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) was held. Residents attended, had refreshments, and took tours led by plant manager Mike Heuer and plant operator Kevin Bell . It began at 10am and ended at 12 noon. Mayor Hubbard, with other officials present, cut a ribbon at the entrance. Attached is that picture. This plant was made possible by a low interest 20yr loan and is being paid for by the utility rates that were raised two years ago. We are now in full compliance with new Ohio EPA requirements and will be for many years to come.

Present in the picture, left to right, are:

Ralph Hoop,   Nikki Alles-White,   Debbie Grueninger,   Joe Hubbard,   Jenny Kilgore,
Dave Moore,   Mike Honerlaw w/ son John,   Joe Green,  & Wally Cordes