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Town Hall

The Village's Town Hall, built in 1875, is located at 80 E. Sharon Avenue.

While it houses Council Chambers and the Glendale Fire department, it also provides a magnificent vaulted ceiling auditorium/hall that is offered to residents at a greatly reduced price when compared to private halls.

The hall is rented for $290 per day/night and requires a $100 security deposit to insure that it is left in satisfactory condition (clean and undamaged).  With a capacity of 300 persons and a quaint kitchen and stage, most residents have found the hall very appropriate for family reunions, dances, receptions and more.  For example, each year the Glendale Heritage Preservation rents the hall for its annual fund-raiser, "The Glendale Pancake Breakfast."

Please call Sally Wilson at the Village Office (771-7200) for more information or a tour, or to make reservations for the Town Hall.

Town Hall's stage was used in August 2013 for the CSC performance of Midsummer Night's Dream.


Most people probably don't remember when Town Hall had a different fašade, but it did. It also had a much taller spire above the brick tower on the southeast corner. So what happened? Why did it change?

It has been suggested that it was in 1976, when the Thomas H. Carrothers III family funded the remodeling of Town Hall for the purpose of making room in the building for the Fire Department and generally upgrading the facility.

This is an ongoing investigation... more later... maybe......

circa 1894

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